Once you recognise that you should be using YouTube Live, the next step is to know about all the advantages of it. So here are some of the key benefits of live streaming on YouTube:

1. The monetization of live videos

While Facebook Live is the most popular on all the social media platforms that provide live streaming services, YouTube holds the trump card that is easy monetisation of the live videos. There are several options that streamers or YouTube streaming service companies have to gain much-needed support, some of them are:

  • Allowing viewers to support you through Super Chat, it is a win-win situation as they get to promote themselves as well.
  • Enable pre-roll ads before your live video starts.
  • During the streams, add mid-roll advertisements.
  • Although they may cover some parts of your stream, have display and overlay ads. 
  • Get channel membership which takes a subscription fee from any users who are to subscribe to your channel 

2. Cost-effective medium

As is the case for many of the live streaming services available online. You can become a user, a content creator and later earn from your YouTube broadcast video without spending anything. Since the videos are live, there are no multiple-takes or post-production costs added to your budget. Most of the time, all the tools or features are available to you even at the beginner’s level, helping you save time and money.

3. Establishing your brand

In a survey by Hubspot, it was found that 70% of all YouTube audiences make purchase decisions based on what they watch. That is why branded content and exposure to such videos benefit everyone in their personal and professional endeavors. It indicates that people want to find your videos online and suggested videos.

4. Maximize your reach

Videos on demand do not get as high a reach as live streaming on YouTube. It has been noted that the audiences on YouTube and Facebook prefer live videos far more than pre-recorded ones. This raises the chances of your live videos ranking higher in searches, ultimately reaching to more people.

5. Mobile live webcasting

What makes YouTube the best live video streaming platform is that there is no need for an elaborate production or a lot of equipment. With just a smartphone and decent internet service, you can easily go live anywhere. Mobiles today certainly possess cameras of high quality that give good output videos as well.

So, now you know about some of the amazing benefits you can get out of livestreaming on YouTube, but what about a company that can show you exactly how to implement a strategy then you need to get in touch with the specialists at s.media today.


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