5 reasons that will make you wonder why you haven’t advertised on YouTube yet

YouTube Ads are largely underutilised; partly because to run them you need video content, and partly because managing video campaigns can get complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But once you have the video content and expertise to execute campaigns, YouTube Ads drive an enormous amount of high-value prospects to your business’ website, efficiently and effectively.

1. Cost per view is still low

Currently, the average cost per view of a YouTube ad is about £0.02, which is very inexpensive for running a digital ad today. To put it in perspective, search ads start at around £2. That’s 9900% more expensive than a YouTube ad. 

So if you have just £50 to spend, your YouTube ad can be seen by prospects over 2,500 times while the same investment into a search ad would get you just 100 views, at most. 

2. Ultra-granular targeting options  

YouTube’s targeting capabilities get more sophisticated everyday. Whether your prospects are a 39 year-old male contractor supporting a family of six in the city of London, or just 25-45 year old females in England, YouTube can deliver your video ads to these audiences with an ever-increasing level of control.

3. YouTube viewership is (still) exploding

According to YouTube, on mobile alone YouTube reaches more people in the United States than any television network. And the way things are going, YouTube’s popularity will only continue to soar over the next ten years as more people come online globally.

As of October 2020, YouTube held a market share of 2.64 percent among online social networking platforms in the UK. Figures were calculated based on approximately fifteen billion hits online per month.

So if you don’t have a presence on YouTube, either paid or organic, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to reach high-value prospects. 

4. Most businesses haven’t caught on (yet)

While many businesses are seeing the power of YouTube Ads, they’re still relatively unused by most. This could be because businesses need video content to promote, which takes more time and effort than a simple Facebook or Google Ads campaign. 

Either way, now is a great time to get your brand in front of more prospects’ eyes before your competitors catch on.

5. Effective at driving people to your website

Not only can YouTube ads get your brand in front of a massive amount of people, but they can drive audiences to your website as well. 

In fact, unless you’re an active YouTube Partner Program member (with over 1,000 active subscribers to your YouTube channel plus 4k hours watched in the last 12 months), the only way to direct traffic from your YouTube videos to an external website is via YouTube ads.Want to get started with your own YouTube Ads campaign? Contact us to speak with our YouTube Ads specialists today.


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