YouTube has established itself as one of the most dominant social media platforms on the internet. As time has gone on the platform has gone through several changes in order to make the viewing experience better for users. YouTube premium launched in 2014 and as of 2021 it is estimated that there are roughly 30 million members. This has created a significant revenue stream for YouTube, but what does this premium do for users. The following blog will examine some of the user benefits to using YouTube premium. 

For those who like to watch content interrupted, YouTube premium allows for an ad-free experience. When binge watching YouTube videos it can become frustrating when your content is repeatedly interrupted by advertisements. YouTube premium offers you to have an ad-free viewing experience whether you are on a desktop, tablet, mobile device or YouTube enabled TV. This feature has proved heavily popular as ad blocking tools are becoming less effective on platforms like YouTube. 

Consuming content on YouTube has always been an online experience. As YouTube has always required an internet connection in order to work, downloading videos has always been something reserved for those using a converter. However, YouTube has now encompassed a download function to their YouTube premium service. This helps users watch content when they are in places that may have little access to the internet, such as on a plane or when commuting on the underground. Additionally, a feature added to premium being that you can listen to content while locked further adds to the ease of access of the platform. This means for watching more audio heavy content, there is less need to have the app open on your device. 

Music is one category on YouTube that has always been dominant on the platform. Whether it is artists releasing new material or an up and coming artist trying to break the mould, YouTube has been a platform where artists have seen a lot of success. In order to better cater to this, YouTube premium also encompasses the YouTube Music Premium package. This operates much in the same way as other music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple music, allowing for offline playback and ad-free listening. Therefore, as a personal jukebox, YouTube is further homogenising itself in the music streaming ecosystem. 

Which of these features appeal most to you if you were to subscribe to YouTube premium? Also, do you think it is worth the cost?


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