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When it comes to social media, marketing managers are under pressure to create different assets for different platforms. And when video content is one of the most difficult to produce it can be frustrating, particularly as online habits change to produce compelling content that is effective for the platform in question and for your audience. 

We are in an era of micro-content, and as such it is embedded into us to think that any videos we produce for social shouldn’t be any longer than 1 minute. Whilst this is true for many social platforms, it could not be further from the truth for YouTube. So how long should your YouTube video be?

Grabbing audience attention

That opening line. The thing that makes the viewer stand up and listen. It’s all in the first 15 seconds. So whilst you may have a temptation to ‘set the scene’ and introduce your brand this is out of the window for YouTube advertising. You need to get straight in there and grab that viewer attention before they hit skip.

Filtering the good and the bad at 29 seconds

Once you have your viewer attention the trick is now to keep them interested. Educating your audience between now and 29 seconds is where you’ll be able to sift out the bad and keep the good viewers you’re happy to pay for. At 29 seconds this is when your ad spend kicks in, so you really want to have told your audience enough by this point so you don’t haemorrhage your budget. And when we say haemorrhage, we actually mean pennies – most of our clients at pay between 1-2p when someone clicks into their website or watches past 29 seconds. Wow! 

Keeping the good watching 

Now you’re 29 seconds in and you’ve shelled out a penny or two. You’ve got your audience right in front of you and you can keep sharing content for 3 minutes or 3 hours if you want and the cost doesn’t change. Keeping the good watching is now where your campaign really starts to work as we begin to understand who is interested and how interested they are. Making the next step of remarketing the most targeted and cost effective it can be as you are only remarketing to those really interested. 

So, in short – your videos on YouTube do not need to be as short as one minute. If anything we recommend 3-5 minutes and beyond. That way we really gather data and can remarket to the ones that liked finding out about your brand. 

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