Not every piece of video you produce will always be a feature length film. Sometimes the content you generate is better when it is done in short form. With a punchier message and more focussed message, short videos can be a great way of connecting with your audience. YouTube has caught on to how great these can be for creators and encompassed them in a new feature back in March, called YouTube shorts. If you want to know how to make a great YouTube short then follow these steps:

Making sure you have a clear message you want to deliver to the audience is so key. Especially as you only have 60 seconds with a YouTube short, every second counts. As a result, it is really important that you don’t get too bogged down in the details and provide a really clear and concise reasoning or line of enquiry to your audience. Again, it’s important not to try to make too many points as you have limited time and if you are trying to get through a lot of points then you may dilute your messaging. So the best practice would be to stick to only one, maybe two maximum, points to get through in your short time so you can make sure you are doing the best to deliver a clear message. 

The orientation of the video is important also. When you shoot a YouTube short you should be filming in portrait mode. This gives it more a personal feel as it feels more like a video message than a fully produced piece of creative. Not to mean that you can’t make your setting interesting to engage the viewer, so do experiment with where you shoot to give the audience  a visual experience.

Creating a short which drives the audience to conduct some form of action is also a really great use for YouTube shorts. With the direct form of messaging that shorts takes, it is easier than ever to give your audience calls to action in an emotional and engaging way. Furthermore, providing this deeper meaning and context for your content helps users better engage with your main stream of content. This is especially important when you have upcoming projects or brand opportunities that you are looking to promote.

So how are you going to use YouTube shorts to connect with your audience? 


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