How is social media the most valuable sales tool available?

Social media isn’t just about brand awareness. When done right, it drives sales for your business.

23% of people said they use social media for learning about products and services. That means there’s plenty of growth for you in social media.

However, not every social media platform has the same audience. With so many platforms out there it’s important to invest in the right channels so you’re not spinning your wheels. Follow these guidelines to find out how social media is the most valuable tool available to you.

1.  Use The Social Channel That Your Followers Use

The first step to driving sales using social media is to figure out where your target customers are spending their time online, and use the same social channels that they use.

A best practice for making the most of your time is to concentrate on a few key platforms, rather than using up precious resources building multiple accounts.

This is how you go about it:

For one, conduct a thorough analysis of your target demographic. You can dig into the profile of your current customers, or try to find common characteristics of a target audience that you haven’t gotten in front of yet.

For example, you may be going through a rebrand and trying to sell to mums for the first time, or you could be currently marketing to students and trying to boost your online presence where they spend time.

Once you know who buys your products/services (or who you want to become a buyer), you should also know which platforms they use.

Though you can decide to be present on each social channel, remember that spreading your resources far too broadly and far too thin is time-consuming. In fact, such an action might do more harm than good.

2.  Create Great Content But Don’t Make It Sound Salesy Or Pushy

While prioritising on quality over quantity sounds obvious, most digital marketers still get it wrong. Social media users are very savvy. If you create mediocre content, you will not get the engagement you’re looking for.

Rather than dispatch a series of run-of-the-mill posts, spend the time creating a smaller amount of high-quality content. That way you’ll also be sharing your content at a pace that both you and your prospects can handle.

As you create content, do not make it sound too pushy or salesy. You must consider that social channels are not solely meant for buying and selling. The majority of people are still there to socialise virtually.

3.  Using YouTube To Generate Leads

Having an engaged YouTube audience is great, but converting them into leads is important. Here’s how to utilise your YouTube channel to generate leads for your business.

Optimise your content

The way you can generate leads is through making your content shine. If you are not sure where to begin, here are three rules of thumb in mind: educate your audience, answer questions and provide calls to action.

Focus on the keywords that are the most popular in your industry and find ways to incorporate them into the titles of your videos or their descriptions. This is because while YouTube is its own veritable search engine, others like Google and Bing will index your videos based on the correct keywords.

Promote landing pages with end screens

End screens are a mobile friendly YouTube feature that lets you end your videos with a CTA. While similar to cards, these end screens can direct your audience to the all important landing page, as well as to a subscribe button for your channel, or even just standard social media promotion.

Respond to and encourage comments (in a timely manner)

Encouraging likes can happen long after the video is over. Scrolling down to the comment section of each video, you can see that you are able to reply, engage, and comment on others’ comments. Again, timeliness shows that you are active and engaged with the content that you are offering, and genuinely care about those who take the time to view the content.

Utilising social media tools to generate sales is very much possible, but which social media channel do you think will be the best for your business?


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