YouTube ads can be a tricky, difficult thing to nail if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Whether you are pitching a new product to your range or a service that you think will save people time and money, putting yourself out there can be intimidating.

Especially in online adverts where you are trying to engage or motivate an audience to do something, it can feel a bit misguided targeting people looking at their screen. However, when people are browsing YouTube they are most engaged with the ad experience as they are unskippable (to a point). Plus, as they are actively engaging with video content their impression with the ad provided is more impactful.

So bearing this in mind, how do you create a positive impact for viewers? Especially in Sports and Leisure markets where there is a lot of competition within.

The three markers I would use to make sure your ad is impactful is; Stimulate, Educate and Motivate.

Let’s start with Stimulate. To match the tempo of sports or leisure, your sports ad needs to be exciting. It needs to draw in the viewer and make them feel like they are in amongst the action. Advertisers in the past have achieved this by using fast paced action shots in order to stimulate the viewing experience for consumers. Also using framing devices, like first person, can help give people an engaging experience which makes them follow and feel more attachment to what they are viewing.

Educate sounds self-explanatory but it is the easiest thing to do wrong. You don’t want to just regurgitate the product information and dilute the viewing experience. Tell the viewer what difference using this product or service will make to their lives. As culture is an integral part of sports, appeal to it in your education portion. Tell people about how they can be part of this exciting new movement and sell on this emotion.

This leads into the final marker you want to make sure you are hitting which is Motivate. Obviously for some brands just raising awareness of their brand in their ads is enough. However, what is imperative for a lot of these brands is there is a next step to what they are framing. Motivating your audience to take action is imperative to success, whether this is to a download or a product. Again, feeding into the idea of sports or leisure as a community can help aid this as creating an environment for your consumers to engage will help drive revenue and positive brand awareness.

Taking these markers into consideration is a great way to create the most engaging YouTube sports ad for your next Sports or Leisure product or service.

How have you tried to Stimulate, Educate and Motivate your audience in your YouTube ad approach?


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