For most marketing professionals, briefing is everything in order to best deploy a strategy. One of the first questions that tends to be asked is regarding audience profile. This is such an important factor in strategy as it can change everything from the visual messages as well as the tone of voice delivered to the audience. Having a brand message that is homogenous with the target audience is so key and often overlooked as brands try to mass appeal with their messaging. In many cases however, the more specific or niche the better. YouTube’s targeting has been one of the most dense ways of targeting out of all the social media platforms. If you’re wondering how YouTube manages this, then here are some key reasons why: 

YouTube has a mass amount of scope when it comes to users. With more than 2 billion active users monthly and nearly half of those visiting daily, there is a massive audience to sample from. Moreover, as YouTube is owned by the same company as Google, much of their data is shared. This greatly increases the amount of information that can be provided as there can be highly detailed information to target from so as best to reach your target audience. 

How you can layer your ads is also a massive benefit of using YouTube in order to target your ads. YouTube collects a lot of data surrounding topics as well as audience profiles, all the way down to viewing habits whether it be by schedule or content type. As a result, you will be able to send out ads that relate to keywords that are meaningful for your audience or something that they would likely search. This helps you put front of mind for your target audience and if you have done your research on their interests, will put you right in front of them when they are getting their dose of YouTube. 

So it’s clear YouTube allows some great ways for advertisers to better target their audiences. How do you think YouTube ranks against other social media platforms?


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