As many advertisers and content creators know, targeting broad can be a double-edged sword. It can be great to bring in passing viewers who might not see your content regularly, however a lack of direction or precise targeting can lead to a lack of retention. It is important therefore to make sure you have your target audience nailed so you know exactly who you are addressing this is especially important when it comes to identifying your YouTube target audience.

Finding this out can seem intimidating and you may think your niche isn’t out there, but the truth is you just need to go looking. If you are still stuck, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here are a few tips and tricks that should help with honing in on your target audience.

Using Analytics

YouTube provides many analytics tools for breaking down channels of traffic on your YouTube channel and videos. These insights can be key to finding out which video content works best for your YouTube audience as well as figuring out who is watching your videos. Looking at other videos that your YouTube audience has watched helps understand what content your viewers are engaging with on the platform. This can identify your YouTube target audience by helping you target down your niche by seeing what categories of videos your viewers tend to watch so you can create creative and relevant content that reflects this. 

Web Tools

As YouTube is owned by Google, there is a plethora of data out there for purposes of targeting. One tool developed by Google is called Find My Audience. The utility of this site is to find your target audience and better build your profile on Google and YouTube in order for users to find your content. By putting in information of your own, Google uses this to connect you with your audience. At the end of the day, you can’t just expect users to come to you. It is as important for you to market to your target audience and increase your visibility so you can be easier to discover for new viewers in your target audience. 

Content Experimentation/Trend Examination

If you feel you’re stuck in a broad category for video content, it can be good to experiment with content. Revamping your channel may seem drastic, but there is no point dragging along a channel which isn’t converting viewers into a loyal audience. Testing content is important to see how you can further target and see what performs with different demographics in your audience. For example, maybe you have a drone channel where you do shots of your surroundings and places you visit. If a trend is popping up for drone racing and you have the idea to do an obstacle course to target people within your niche and put your content in front of people who may have not found you in the first place. Testing these trends can both help bring exposure to your channel as well as allowing you to give your viewers fresh content.

Incorporating all of this into your channel is a great way to better understand your target audience so you can drive the viewers you want to your channel. Ultimately, YouTube’s (and Google’s) algorithm aims to put the most relevant content in front of the target viewer at the most relevant time. So, making sure you stay relevant to your target audience is paramount to keeping them engaged. 


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