As we all know, YouTube’s market is huge. In fact, on average over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each month which shows just how big of a market exists on this platform. Not only that but you have easily accessible statistics. YouTube really has become the modern world’s number one for marketing, but why is it effective?

YouTube Advertising Influences Purchasing Behaviour

Between ads, vlogs, and videos by prominent influencers, studies have shown that YouTube content has a significant impact on behaviour in customers. A recent YouTube Insights report shows that 66% of beauty product purchasers, 72% of auto vehicle purchasers, and 62% of smartphone purchasers indicate that YouTube was the main influence for their buying decision.

Easy To Track Ad Metrics

Up to date metrics are key when it comes to evaluating your advertising strategy and ensuring that the money you spend is being used efficiently. Luckily when it comes to YouTube they make this entire process easy and accessible. Google can offer you information about the amount of views you get, costs and also budget details through Google Ads, whilst the Analytics tab of your YouTube account provides more in depth information about your viewers.

Great Advanced Targeting

If you are advertising to people who are not interested in what you’re selling then chances are you’re burning a hole in your pocket and wasting your time. Correctly targeting your audience will always be the key component to getting the best performance out of your YouTube ads. When you advertise on YouTube with, we can highly target your ads to a specific demographic, audience, interest or even competitor. Furthermore, by targeting affinity audiences, you can ensure that your ads reach people who have already demonstrated an interest in topics that are relevant to your product.

In conclusion, with a wide reach, influences on purchasing decisions and much more, it’s easy to see why YouTube advertising has gained popularity in recent years. Now is the perfect time for your business to take advantage of this platform’s many benefits. 

Will you utilise YouTube advertising and take advantage of the benefits it offers?


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