When creating a video advertisement it is important to pay attention to your script. The language you use and how you address the audience is so key. At the end of the day, people buy from people so you need to have language that builds a human connection with your audience. One of the most important elements of writing a script is the hook. Without a hook your YouTube advertising is baseless and struggles to garner attention from the audience. This blog aims to help you create dynamite hooks that will capture your audience and reel them in to your advert. 

Keeping it simple is so important. It’s very easy to confuse your audience by trying to fit too much in so make sure you have a clear takeaway. Try and only stick to one point, and use language that makes it easy for your target audience to understand. Even if you have loads of great points you want to make, with YouTube advertising you can use the rest of your advert to layer in your points as you are not charged for the time people watch after 30 seconds. This means in order to make the most of your ‘true view’ it is best to use the first 29 seconds sticking to this point.

Building an emotional connection with your audience is so important so language which connects with your audience is so important. Understand the problem that your audience might have that you are trying to solve for them. What is the crunch point of their problem? What really makes them tick or motivates them? If you can really dig into this and present your solution then you are on to make something that will hold your audience’s attention. 

As mentioned above making sure you make the most of your time is so important. With attention spans of audiences at the lowest they’ve ever been it is important to have something that draws attention. Use language that challenges or excites your audience. Especially as video harnesses such great power for storytelling, having audio which engages and excites the audience is so key. So opening with something snappy and up front can help interest your customers and turn away those who are unlikely to use your product. This is again important as you will help to stop wasting budget on these viewers.

What hook do you have for your product or service? How does it connect with your target audience?


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