As more brands increase their outreach on social media for their ad strategies, they are considering where best to reach their audiences. Video advertising has begun to start to dominate SEO strategies where more visually rich content is being favourably ranked. As a result, more brands are taking steps to approach platforms like YouTube for several reasons. 

For targeting, YouTube offers highly detailed reports on content performance and understanding audiences. With a detailed dashboard allowing for analysis of your audience profile you can better distinguish what videos work for your audience by looking at performance in relation to your content strategy. This is vital to understand what your audience is attracted to most and draw trends from the content that you are producing. With some of the most detailed analytics available to creators and advertisers, the targeting you can layer on YouTube can be highly granular and effective. 

The reachable audience for your advertising is also unparalleled. As the second largest search engine on the web, the reachable audience both geographically as well as by niche is vast. When displaying advertisements for your brand, on YouTube you can guarantee that your audience is out there and by working through the algorithm will deliver your advertisement. It’s also important to note that Google’s algorithm favours YouTube as it is rich content and if your audience is engaging then it can significantly aid search ranking.

In order to connect with your audience, it is important to make sure that you are keeping them informed and up to date with developments within the business as well as wider industry. YouTube is one of the most effective tools to deliver this information in an easily digestible manner as you can develop an emotional connection with viewers. With many features dedicated to addressing audiences and building a community, YouTube is a device many brands have found pivotal in viewers understanding their brand and their messaging, and offer. 

In what ways do you think your brand could adapt a YouTube channel to deliver better content and build a greater understanding of the audience?

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