A YouTube ads strategy over the years has become more and more attractive to brands looking to increase their online presence. In providing high quality and engaging content, businesses can hope to better engage with their audience and influence more consideration for their products and services. There are many YouTube success stories to choose from when it comes to advertising, however the three most viewed ads in Google’s 2020 round up were from Nike, Google and Hyundai. In this blog we will examine the effectiveness of these advertisements and why they become such big success stories. 

Nike’s Ad, “Never too far down, You can’t stop us”, garnered over a hundred million views on YouTube and was wildly successful with audiences. Through providing some of the most inspiring sports stories of our current era showing how some of the lowest lows can be turned into the highest highs. Featuring such sports greats as Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams while being narrated by Arnold Schwarznegger creates an epic ad. Additionally, with a nod to the COVID-19 situation, the ad inspires hope and resilience from the viewer empowering them to strive through difficult times in order to succeed on the other side. Truly an inspirational ad. 

Google’s 2020 Super Bowl ad was a real tearjerker and had many in the audience in an emotional state with their advert titled “Loretta”. It details a man losing his memory trying to retrace his memories of his wife who has since long passed. Using Google voice commands he is able to regain his fond memories of times when he was with his wife and be displayed with plenty of memories and information about where they were and what they were doing. By building a story of their relationship and appealing to such an innocent love story, this had a dramatic effect on audiences with many reaching for tissues. As an emotional ad, this might well take the cake. 

Hyundai’s tongue and cheek 2020 Super Bowl advert “Smaht park” shows off some of the most talented actors to come out of Boston, including but not limited to Chris Evans and John Krasinski. Using the Boston dialect, the advert displays how easy it is to park with the smart park feature while cracking some hilarious jokes along the way. With some of America’s most loved actors featuring in this advert, audiences were captivated by some of their favourite stars joking around in their native accent. For sure this advert is “wicked smaht”. 

Which of these adverts appealed to you the most and were there any others you wish had made the list?


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