YouTube is such a great platform to grow your business. Whether seeking to educate your audience on your product or service or how to use said product or service, YouTube provides a rich brand experience for viewers. So if you’ve started running ads and what to know how to further promote your business then there are a few tips we can offer to help. Through cross promoting your content, building a relationship with your audience and better optimising your ad you can expect to see an increase in reception from your YouTube ad. 

Promoting your brand across different social media platforms is so key to help drive success to your YouTube ad. YouTube’s API allows you to link other social media sites as well as your main website. Allowing for easy to access links allows your community to take action and also gives them a hub to find you on all platforms. Furthermore, you are able to embed your videos onto your website which allows for you to repurpose your advertisements or content so that it is concurrent with your YouTube ads strategy. Also it is important to promote and make links to your YouTube channel on other social media so consumers know where to find your YouTube ads.

For interacting with your community, YouTube offers one of the best offerings to creators to allow for this. The creator studio on YouTube allows for a really easy hub to answer questions or reviews that users will leave on the content you post. Whether it is filtering out hate or spam, or responding to those wanting to learn more about your brand the community hub is a great space to manage impressions of your business. It is important to take notice of your followers and encourage feedback as well as take on board their suggestions. Additionally, YouTube has features like premiere and livestreams which allows the ultimate connection between users and creator. These features can be amazing when launching a new offering for your business or making an announcement. 

Optimising ads on YouTube is so easy to do and as it works on a machine-learning platform, you can be assured that you are using the most cost-effective approach. Through Google Ads Manager you are able to track previous campaign performance and it will offer an optimised strategy based on previous campaigns. This is so useful for advertisers and can help better inform your YouTube ads strategy. 

How do you promote your YouTube ads and how do you think you could optimise your YouTube ads strategy?


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