Once upon a time advertising was just a case of getting it on the television and seeing how many people would go ahead and buy the product they see on screen but a lot has changed since then and the latest step is YouTube Personalised Ads.

Now, YouTube Ad personalisation is basically YouTube showing you they are tracking what you are searching on YouTube and giving you adverts that are more personalised to you as a person rather than ads that would mean nothing to you at all. But how do they work? 

How YouTube ad personalisation works

YouTube has a new aim, that aim is to be able to show you useful and relevant content based on your activity. For example, YouTube may see that you watch a lot of Formula One highlights on YouTube and have also searched for the latest ticket prices for this years British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Google, YouTube will the take this data and information and serve you serve you an ad they believe will be relevant to you.

How Your Business Can Use It

YouTube Personalised Ads will benefit your business because you will know exactly what your audience is looking for as you will no doubt have the data for some of the more frequent searches and keywords that are used to find your product or service. If not, go out and find out exactly what these are and from there it is just a case of creating a YouTube ad and targeting by these keywords, age, gender and interests.

And that’s how YouTube Ad personalisation works, do you think you will start using it for yourself? 


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