Finding the best lighting for your videos can be a challenging task. Maybe your shot isn’t bright enough. Or it’s too bright. Sometimes the colour temperature isn’t right, or the shadows are so harsh that you can barely decipher what is what. You want your audience to really absorb what you have to say. 

Knowing how to get good lighting for videos will keep your content looking sharp and professional. And you don’t need all the fancy lighting equipment you’ll see in a professional shoot.

Here are a few simple, effective ways to get good lighting in videos, without hauling around a ton of gear:

1. Use Windows During the Day For Best Indoor Video Lighting

Windows are your best friend when finding the best lighting for your YouTube ad indoors during the daytime. Make sure the window is in front of you when filming. This will give you the balanced lighting you’re looking for. However, if you’re filming a video near a window flooded by sunlight, the harsh lighting may actually make you look ‘washed out’. Plus, you’ll likely find yourself squinting on camera. Not a look you want!

2. How to Set Up Lighting for Video at Your Desk…

The best lighting setup for video at your desk will depend on a variety of factors:

• If you have a window near your desk it should give you the good lighting you need for your video ad. Just make sure there’s no harsh lighting coming through.

• If you don’t have a good source of natural light at your desk a lamp will give you great LED lighting for video.

3. Don’t Go Overboard with Backlight

Backlight is a very artistic and cinematic filming technique. But it’s not needed for a video ad.

If you’re using any full HD camera to record your videos, it will probably have auto exposure. So, if there’s too much backlight, your camera will set the exposure to the light behind you and your face is going to be left in the shadows. And I am sure you don’t fancy seeing a black screen for your ads do you?

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