We have all been there, editing a video and then realising that a segment of the audio is not correct, whether that be down to background noise, the mic not being up to scratch or the audio itself is not up to scratch. But how can you ensure you have great audio for your YouTube ads? Well s.media are here to help with 4 audio tips for filming a YouTube ad.

Film in a quiet location

This seems very obvious but you would be surprised by how many people we have seen over the years film in places that have a lot of people in the area or just a room that has far too much echo. The best thing you can do to combat both of these problems is to first find an area where there aren’t many people around or no one at all if you are shooting outdoors for example. It’s a little more simple for the echo, you need to dampen the noise of the echo by using a shotgun mic or if it is a larger room you can purchase soundproofing foam if needed.

Utilise the power of a voiceover

If the audio that you did during the actual shoot comes back terrible; let’s say that there is a lot of noise from a windy day, people or cars in the background if you are outdoors or of course you get a bit of echo in the room the best thing to do is fix this with a voiceover in post-production. 

Recording a voiceover is really simple. We recommend you play back the footage in an earphone so you can hear the kind of pace you are speaking at in the video and the tone of voice you have and then go ahead and speak along with it into the device you’re recording on. Then all you have to do is sync up the audio you have recorded in post-production with the original footage. 

Invest in a decent microphone

This seems obvious but before you start filming anything you need to ensure that you have a good quality microphone. While the built-in camera microphones are prone to picking up a lot of noise, you don’t need to purchase any special equipment to record a voiceover. If you have one of the latest phones they will record audio perfectly.

Work on how your vocals sound

Now, no matter what microphone you have it will never make up for vocals. If you are too quiet chances are no matter what mic you are using it won’t pick up the sound as clearly so the best thing you can do is to have a few practise runs at your ad and see what kind of tone sounds best and which picks up the best on the mic. Then you can go from there with the knowledge that the tone and volume of your voice is correct and it will sound a lot better.

So, that is our four audio tips for filming a YouTube ad, how do you think you will best utilise these audio tips in future?


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