You’ve seen the news, you’ve heard the stories. If you’ve taken the decision to withdraw from Facebook, whether for personal or advertising reasons, you’re not the only one. 

Stop Hate for Profit

Back in July 2020 the ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign became the topic of wide discussion. It urged companies around the world to stop paying for Facebook ads to protest the handling of hate speech and misinformation on the platform.

The campaign felt that Facebook wasn’t doing enough to ban hate on its platform. This not only led to companies not running ads in July but withdrawing from advertising on the platform all together. Not surprisingly, this has opened a door for advertisers to experiment and evaluate what platforms they advertise on and how they advertise going forward. Take YouTube for example, they announced a new policy against hate speech last year to address the proliferation of hateful content and have pledged to reduce video recommendations that may misinform users. 

Misinformation gone wild

Regardless, misinformation on Facebook has continued. It has been reported that health misinformation on the platform has been viewed 3.8 billion times in the last year, imposing a major threat to public health. This peaked during the COVD-19 crisis with content being published around fictitious cures for deadly diseases and damaging lies and conspiracy theories for vaccinations. While many people will believe the content being posted and take the misinformation as fact, others will remove themselves from the platform as they can see it for what it is. Again, YouTube has been one step ahead and has removed 200,000 videos for violating policies on medical misinformation. 

Increasing costs = advertisers withdrawing

But this was not the start of people withdrawing from Facebook. In the last year the cost of Facebook ads have more than doubled; a catalyst that started the spiral of advertisers pulling their ads from the platform. 

Are you on the lookout for highly targeted advertising for a lower cost? Do you want a platform that will stand against harmful, bullying content? YouTube could be the way forward for you.


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