Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has long enjoyed a reputation as being the go-to site to find out how to do things. Today, through an uprising of social influencers and content creators, YouTube has evolved into an entertainment network that rivals mainstream TV and streaming services that is now responsible for one third of all internet traffic. Here we discover some of the other reasons why brands (if they aren’t already) should be utilising YouTube Ads.

Everyone’s watching it

There are 4.57 billion Internet users in the world. Who’d have known that almost anything we ever wanted to find out or buy would be accessible at the touch of a button. With over 90% of these users (aged 16-64) actually watching online video content when we say everyone is watching YouTube, we think that is pretty close. No matter what your product or service is nine times out of ten, videos online are being watched by your target audience. Whether it’s a mum-to-be looking for a new pram or a professional person looking for an online coach, YouTube is the place for brands to be seen by audiences because everyone is watching it; with an average time of 21m and 55 seconds spent watching. 

It’s the second largest search engine in the world

With Google as the front runner YouTube comes in second as the largest search engine in the world. So when people use the site to find out the answer to that all important question “What is the best pressure washer to buy?” or “how to dye your hair at home?” getting an in-stream advert in front of this audience showing your product is exactly why your brand should be on YouTube; especially when 70% of YouTube watchers buy from a brand after seeing it. 

It gives cost effective conversions

Have you ever paid for a TV advert that you don’t pay the first 29 seconds for? We didn’t think so. And that’s the beauty of YouTube ads. An in-stream YouTube ad plays during a video and you only pay if the viewer watches past 29 seconds or takes action by clicking into your website. Compare this against traditional PPC if you will. Have you ever looked at PPC campaign insights and see all these clicks costing you money, but the visitors dip straight off your site after a mili-second? All these wasted clicks are like throwing money down the drain. With YouTube advertising you only pay when someone clicks, meaning they are really interested in your product or service. This makes sure that your ad budget goes further and is way more cost effective. 

And, it’s great brand exposure 

Nothing tells a brands story quite like the power of video and YouTube advertising enables businesses large and small to get great brand awareness with their target audience without the cost of television advertising. With video being shared 1200% more than text and links combined, your brand reach goes way beyond YouTube itself as people share videos via their other social platforms; as well as via WhatsApp, over the work desk, out at lunch literally anywhere!

Is it time you reached a new audience using YouTube advertising and a proper YouTube marketing strategy? 

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