Why you shouldn’t be late to the YouTube party

Why your brand should be seen with YouTube advertising 

When you first decided to focus your efforts on SEO & PPC to get listed on page one of Google did you feel a little late to the party?  Calling all early adopters here’s 5 reasons why you should make sure YouTube marketing and advertising is part of your overall marketing mix. 

You can be on the top of page one of Google in weeks

The future of search is video. As demand rises for visual content online gone are the days when people want to actually read the results that appear in front of them. They want to watch and learn, connect with brands and really see and hear what things are about. With a YouTube marketing strategy and targeting breakdown, getting on page one of Google with your video can be achieved in just a few weeks. 

You will convert customers for less versus traditional ppc

As more and more advertisers have flocked to platforms to bid on keywords, the competitive landscape has risen. This means that the cost per click has also risen with video as there is a new opportunity for low cost advertising. Advertising with YouTube can be a tenth of the cost of traditional ppc and Facebook ads making it cost effective for brands to get in there first and reap the click-through benefits. 

It will help with your SEO efforts

There’s a long-list of best practice on-site and off-site SEO tactics that can help to improve your organic rankings and video is one of them. So by advertising your brand with YouTube video advertising it will no doubt support your SEO efforts; especially as Google favours rich content such as this. 

You will have a greater share of voice over the competition

If you want to increase your share of voice and dominate the results on page one of Google then video is the way to do this; you’ll be listed at the top of page and increase your brands online footprint overall. 

By renewing your efforts and making use of YouTube with highly targeted advertising you can get a seat here first before your online competition. Grab a front row seat by contacting us now.


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