How engaging really is video content? 

As humans, we all have our individual preferences on the ways we like to consume content. Some prefer the written form and getting cosy in the corner with a good book, others like to wind down watching TV and for some music is life. 

Regardless of this, the fact that more people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush, and that more than half of UK households now own a smart TV, consuming video content on YouTube is more likely than ever before. But how engaging is this content?

Viewer attention

With so much noise in society capturing an audience’s attention has never been more challenging. All-singing all-dancing marketing plans with a multi-channel approach can still struggle to get their messages to land but it’s no surprise that when it comes to online, video content is much more engaging than other forms of content. 

Take for example if you were to type something into Google “pga championship round 2 leaderboard updates” – are you going to read all about it or click on the video at the top of page 1 and see the golfing action for yourself? The same applies to all kinds of searches online. When a consumer has an intent to find something, if they are presented with the first 10 results or a video – which do you think they would watch? People watch over one billion hours of video on YouTube everyday – fact! And when it comes to mobile ads they receive viewers attention 83% of the time. 

The power of video

The power of video is stronger than ever and with 51% of YouTube users visiting the site daily audiences keep coming back for more. Not to mention that 49% of these people watch more than five videos per day. 

Are you doing targeted ad campaigns on YouTube? 


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