Copyright has been an issue on YouTube for many years. Whether it has been creators ripping whole songs and reposting them or using a clip of someone’s video you are commentating over, the waters have often been muddied. Although copyright encompasses all intellectual property that has been specifically procured by a creator, in this particular blog we will focus on music. In order to understand copyright laws and how you can avoid being affected by copyright, we will go into depth how to best approach this for your YouTube ads and video content. 

Now, video content on YouTube has a generic copyright that stops people from stealing your materials. If you are looking to use music on YouTube it is worth checking out what copyright creators have used for their work; as some may allow you to repurpose the content whereas for others the music will be owned by the record label who signed the artist. Knowing to what extent copyright is active on the music you are using is therefore of great value. It is also worth noting that even if an artist allows people to sample their song under ‘fair use’ laws, you may still be subject to copyright and need to make sure you contact the artist as well as making sure your work is repurposed to the required standard.

So with all the intimidating legal jargon out of the way, what if you just want to find some music that you don’t want to pay for? Well, YouTube and its partners have the answer for you. YouTube has an ‘audio library’ specifically designed for this group in mind and provides royalty free music for creators to use in their video content. It is also to note that other organisations also produce royalty free music as well as creators on YouTube but if you are looking to get started straight away, YouTube provides a great avenue for users.  

It’s great to know that YouTube has provided options to help give creators music for their video content and YouTube ads. With a variety of genres included, you can find the perfect track to set the right mood for your audience. This is quintessential for engaging your audience into the content you are showing them as voice and audio play as much a role in the user’s experience as the video content. 

So why don’t you see if you can find a song that will add an extra level of effect to the video you are producing on YouTube through their Royalty Free library? You might be surprised with what you might find. 


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