YouTube is a powerful channel. It has over 2 billion users who spend over 1 billion hours watching videos every day. If you haven’t tried advertising on YouTube, now is the best time to leverage its wonderful marketing opportunity. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to use YouTube to grow your business.

Create a YouTube Channel

The very first step of creating successful YouTube ads is to create your own channel. Your YouTube channel is where you can add different videos, including your ad. The title of your YouTube channel affects your branding strategy and SEO ranking, so it would be wise to create a title that includes relevant keywords.

Create and Upload your Video Ad

Once your YouTube channel is up, you’ll obviously need to create and upload your video ad. We recommend your ad should be anywhere from 1.5 to 3 minutes long. But what’s really important is the first 6 seconds of your ad, this is because you need to hook your audience in. You’ll then have 23 seconds to educate your audience and give them a call-to-action before you are charged for that viewer. That’s right, you’re not charged before 29 seconds (only if they click on your ad). So make sure when creating your ad, you know the target audience, what is it that would entice them to keep watching? What benefit are you providing them? You may include solutions to the challenges that your audience is facing, desires they want to have, or it could be something they want to accomplish.

Come Up With a Bidding Strategy

Coming up with a bidding strategy is an extensive process and will require testing. But the only way to get the most of YouTube is try your best shot on this step. So start with linking your YouTube channel with your Google Adwords. Next, choose Cost Per View (CPV) as your campaign, which means that you’ll only have to pay when customers watch at least 30 seconds of your ad.

Then you can choose your bid limits. This is the cost you’re willing to pay for every person that views your ad. At, we can get a CPV of £0.01.

Target User Interest

YouTube offers different highly targeted options, which you should use to their fullest potential. For example, YouTube now allows you to target people based on their interests. So for example, if you’re selling some sportswear apparel, obviously you’ll want to target an audience with interest in sports. They can be avid sports fans, professional athletes, runners, or sports enthusiasts, ultimately thanks to how great YouTube’s system is you will be able to get them on your radar in no time.

Also make sure that you’ll identify your audience’s demographics and behavior of users who are most likely interested in your brand. Then you can start testing which of these targeting options drives more traffic to your site.

Ultimately, YouTube ads is the perfect way for you to grow your business, but what if you are not equipped enough to be able to utilise YouTube advertising? This is where an expert agency such as comes in. If you need a helping hand with YouTube get in touch with us today.


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