How much does a 5 second video ad cost on YouTube?

The way to maximise budgets

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Two jars of Nutella are sold every five seconds. There’s also around 21 babies born across the world every five seconds. And in the world of YouTube advertising, in the billions of hours of online video content that are watched every day, advertisers are sharing their videos and the first 5 seconds are absolutely FREE. You heard it. But the good news doesn’t end there! In fact, with YouTube advertising you do not pay when someone views your video ad for the first 29 seconds; giving you a good window of time to educate audiences and raise brand awareness for no ad spend at all. 

Costs of clicks to your website from YouTube

Whilst videos viewed up to 29 seconds are free, if someone takes action and clicks onto your website this is where the YouTube Ad cost comes in. At, the cost per click varies from one client to the next but often clicks can cost just 1p making YouTube one of the most cost effective ad platforms out there.  

Maximising budgets

When creating an online advertising campaign it’s easy to let budgets run away with themselves. Before you know it people have clicked in and out of your website and your budget has gone for little return. With YouTube advertising those penny clicks can go a long way, but it’s the sophisticated targeting that really makes your YouTube ad work for you. Using our intelligent IDAR™ platform we are able to layer our targeting so that you reach the audience you really want to based on their online demographics, and their online behaviours. This means you can say goodbye to wasted clicks because you are only engaging the right audience in the first place. 

Capturing the right audience 

In our discovery sessions with clients we really get to understand your ideal target customers and we profile them into different archetypes. Yes, we understand that you want to sell the next best anti-aging skincare to women between 30-40, but we also understand that these types of customers are searching online for remedies and product recommendations. By using behavioural insight and layered targeting you find the woman that needs your products when she needs it the most, and you only pay pennies for it. Ta-da! 

When YouTube ads don’t work

Time and time again we speak to clients who have given YouTube a go but it’s fallen flat. By this point many brands are inclined to say “let’s just stick with the other channels we use”; however when our clients understand the sophisticated targeting that can be done when working with an expert YouTube ads agency, that’s when they really start to understand why YouTube advertising can work, and why it can be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing platforms you’ll ever come across. A video ad doesn’t work when they have been set up with simple targeting, but they do work when you have the right advice behind you. 

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