It’s no secret that YouTube has grown in popularity since its emergence in 2005; this growing prominence has shown that it is much more than a platform for sharing funny video content and watching music videos. In fact it has become one of the most effective hubs for accessing massive audiences and generating cost-effective conversions in online advertising. 

So, if you’ve been considering YouTube advertising, then continue reading to find out how advertising works on YouTube

Influencer Marketing

There are a couple of different options to advertising on YouTube. One of the ways to advertise on YouTube is through influencer marketing by using an influencer that fits your brand and key values. 

Influencers can be used to advertise your product or service on their own channel and direct traffic to your site which is great for brand awareness and online conversions depending on how it is executed and on which platform. 

It also gives an audience the visual opportunity to see how your product or service looks and works first-hand. 

YouTube is the third-most popular platform for influencer marketing content and can be cost effective when you have the right influencer agreements in place.

In-Stream Ads on YouTube

If you’re wanting a cost effective method to advertise on YouTube then In-Stream advertising can be the way to go. 

This requires a YouTube video ad to be created in a style that grabs your audience’s attention, and gives them a strong call to action. 

You would either produce your own video advertisement using our guidance on script and production; or we would organise a filming to produce the video ad for you using all the professional kit and crew needed to reach the production level you are looking for. 

Through highly targeted advertising layers, your video ad would appear during other videos on YouTube to a relevant audience. This means that you’re catching someone when they are watching video content that they are interested in (and is relevant to your product or service) and that most likely is in the market to buy. 

In-Stream ads are a cost-effective method of advertising & a strong weapon that is part of your marketing strategy because you don’t pay until the viewer watches over 29 seconds or they take an action like clicking through to your website. 

Whichever method you choose for advertising on YouTube it’s important to remember that 70% of YouTube viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. With advertising on YouTube you’re not only getting cost effective conversions but you’re advertising in front of a large, ever-growing audience of people in the market to buy products and services relevant to the content that they watch. 


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