Over the events of 2020, ecommerce saw a sharp increase in revenue. It was estimated that in the year of 2020, ecommerce revenue grew to more than £900 billion. This has led many more to pursue a career in ecommerce or for those existing brands to better tie up their marketing approach in order to assure they are reaching their audience as best as they can. However, there are still some who are hesitant to take the plunge into ecommerce advertising on YouTube ad despite it being such a great outlet to do so. So this blog will take into focus what constitutes a great ecommerce ad for YouTube and how to draw in new customers. 

A great ad should offer something new to customers so it would be a great idea to start with something you can offer these passing consumers. A one time offer can be a great way to do this through offering a discount code or limited time deal on some or all products. This can be done through your channel but also using other content creators can be a great strategy, especially if they are relevant to your target market. Giving these kinds of creators special discounts for their audiences can help bring awareness to your brand as well as customers.

Have something that sets you apart from your competition. Show that how you conduct your business is different to others and why that makes you better or more valuable than those other brands. It is important to strongly present and promote your value proposition as well as your mission statement. At the end of the day, you want to compel your audience to buy your product or service so you need to give them that fuel to make that decision. So figure out what language you can best use to motivate your audience to cheer for your brand and become loyal shoppers. 

Providing something to your audience that is exciting and engaging is so important. As much as offers can stimulate your audience, it is important that the content you are producing will keep potential viewers engaged. You need to appeal directly to your audience and keep them engaged and listening. YouTube’s search algorithm will best serve your audience when they are engaging with your content or ad. So the best way to make sure your audience will receive your content is to tailor it to them and make them keep watching.

Which other tips can you think of to make a great ecommerce ad? What sets your brand apart from others and how can you weave this into the narrative of your ad?


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