When looking at the impact that influencers have had on the marketing landscape, it is safe to say that their impact has been seismic. More brands than ever have looked to bring in influencer ambassadors for their brands as well as campaigns and seen such great levels of success and engagement from their audiences. As with every trend however, there is a half life to the effect that it makes when it enters the market. So let’s dive into how influencers are breaking this cycle and why they still matter on YouTube. 

Now, more than ever we are seeing how much YouTube influencers can influence purchase decisions. With YouTube having highly targeted content within many different niches, those looking to sway purchase power should look at how their products are being viewed on the platform. There are often influencers under these product categories who review these products with audiences who keenly watch for product advice. Being aware of these influencers and approaching them with your products can work out mutually beneficial as you can help cut their production costs with them in turn promoting your product. 

When looking at how brands are investing in influencer marketing, it is clear that they do still matter. Reports have shown that for every dollar spent on an influencer marketing campaign returns around $6.50 back. With more than 6x return on investment it is no wonder that brands have more heavily invested in influencer marketing campaigns in 2021 than they have previously. Furthermore 22% of marketers say that influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of digital marketing. With social media becoming more prominent in a lot of brands’ ad strategies, no doubt this trend of further investment in influencer marketing will continue. 

Trust is an important factor to consider when considering why influencer marketing is still so important. As many look online for unbiased information, the influencers have seen to become of greater influence than that of celebrities. With more than half of shoppers researching online blogs and social media, the influence they have on purchase intent has been considerable. A study showed that only 3% of respondents would have their purchase swayed by a celebrity when compared to 60% of an influencer. This just goes to show how many consumers are warming to influencers a lot more than traditional celebrities.

What other reasons can you think of why influencers might be around to stay? 

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