What are common mistakes video creators make on YouTube in their videos?

When it comes to YouTube, content creators are the main drivers of trends and action on the website. It has often been cited that without a community of content creators, there would be no YouTube as they are very much the lifeblood of the platform. However, that is not to say that these creators are deities who never mess up. Of course there are mistakes these creators make and if you look out for them they might be more common than you think. So whether you’re a creator or looking to start producing great content on YouTube, there are a few things to keep in mind so you are not making mistakes. 

Although it might seem minor, branding on your channel and wider content is so important. You want to achieve a state in which viewers will be able to identify your videos by thumbnail alone. Making sure you make it visually appealing as well as informative to what the content is presenting, is so important. Furthermore, with Google reporting that a majority of watch time on YouTube is taken up by mobile devices, it is so key to make sure you optimise your thumbnails so that they are easy to view for these users.

Titling and keywords again is such an important thing to keep in mind but often is pushed to the wayside in order to maintain relevance. It is a great thing to experiment with content and try to get involved in trending topics. However, doing it for the sake of views or creating clickbait titles can harm your channel more than it can help as your regular viewers might feel you are losing loyalty in pursuit of fame. As well, any new viewers may struggle to understand the context of your content if you are jumping on a trend which is miles away from your usual content strategy. 

Production and scheduling are mistakes that are easily made if you don’t plan your content. Although it is a platform where it is encouraged to take your own path and homegrown content is pride of place, structure can still be integral to success. Making sure you have a strategy so that your audience knows what to expect and when is important to build a rapport with them. Furthermore, making sure you have a setup that is visually appealing or have a content delivery style that is engaging for audiences is very important. Make sure this fits the format of your content however as there is little logic in a travel channel that is only filmed in one location.

What other common mistakes have you seen creators make on YouTube?


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