Why are livestreams on YouTube a growing success?

As video has begun to dominate a lot of marketing strategies online, live streaming is becoming an avenue brands go down to display content. Whether this be releasing a new product or conducting an industry talk, live streams have been a great way for businesses to showcase their offering. Furthermore, it allows for two way communication between the business and their consumers as YouTube’s live stream function allows for chat, which makes the content presented more engaging than ever. If you are looking to expand your strategy to encompass live streaming on YouTube then you should consider these reasons for why it has become so successful: 

Like mentioned above, the ability to communicate with your audience is something that YouTube live stream prides itself on. With features such as super chat the audience is also able to monetarily support your business by using these paid for emotes. You are able to customise these to match your branding which really helps to build up more of a brand identity online. It also allows you to directly ask them questions and feedback on the content you are presenting which can better inform both your live stream as well as your wider content strategy. More than ever, it enables you to give clear calls to actions as you can directly address the viewing audience and track how they engage with your content. 

Live streams are great as you are able to repurpose the content for your channel. As the live stream will exist as a video on your channel, you can keep tracking engagement even after the live stream has ended. This allows for you to track the performance of the video on its own and see whether it translates well to how your business operates. You can put in timestamps and keywords which help those landing on your channel for the first time to understand what to expect from live streams as well as understand when they occur. This will help to get people queuing for the premiere of your next live stream. It is also important to note that you are able to live stream standard content through premiering your video. For releasing new content around a product and service this can be a great way to generate buzz from your audience. 

When it comes to finding what audiences want, live streams have been in massive demand from audiences and appear to generate engagement much higher than other mediums of exchange. From a study it was found that around 80% of adults preferred live video to blog or social media posts. Moreover, it was found that 70% of this sample group also said YouTube was the platform that they enjoyed live content the most on. Therefore, if you are looking to switch up your marketing strategy, YouTube live streaming might just be the best option for you. 

What brands have you seen live streaming or premiering new content?


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