Why be seen on YouTube?

With video set to account for 80% of web traffic and demand for online video content greater than ever, getting your brand on YouTube with highly targeted ad campaigns will help you to see greater online conversions than ever before.
One billion hours of content watched daily

The best bit of advertising you will ever do.

According to a recent study by global market research company Ipsos, viewers only pay attention to 45% of TV advertising, but they pay attention to 83% of YouTube advertising. For a fraction of the cost we think that’s the best bit of advertising you’ll ever do; and what’s more – your campaigns are completely trackable.

YouTube has never been more relevant to audiences. Its not only had a long withstanding accolade as being the second largest search engine in the world; but usage has also increased by 16% since the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people than ever before are watching YouTube and connecting with new products and services through the power of targeted YouTube ads.

The second biggest search engine in the world.

With over 2 billion monthly active users (and growing) it’s no surprise that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. With Google in top position at number 1; it’s no question that anyone advertising on Google should also be using YouTube ads. As both sites are owned by the Alphabet Group, intelligent ad targeting can more intelligent than ever ensuring a better ROI and higher conversions.

The 4th biggest channel in the UK.

Ofcom has reported that the four most popular television channels in Britain now include YouTube and Netflix. With BBC2 and Channel 4 also making it into the fold we start to understand the drastically changing media landscape. Long gone are the days when video advertising was for big brands on TV, YouTube has paved the way for cost effective targeted advertising for businesses large and small. 

Low cost clicks.

YouTube ads can cost one tenth the cost per conversion compared to other PPC and social advertising meaning that YouTube advertising budgets can go far. What’s more; you only pay if an action is made or if someone watches your advert past 29 seconds.
Hours of video uploaded every hour
Of views are on mobile devices
Videos are shared more than text and links combined.
Of 18-49 years olds watch YouTube
No matter where they are in the globe

We can find your perfect customer for less.

With years upon years of Google targeting experience, we can get your ads in front of exactly the right audience, at that exact right moment.

Intelligent data and insight.

Understanding Google and YouTube’s data is one thing. Understanding your customers is another. Using IDAR™ technology; we merge the two to clearly define your audience and connect with the right people.

Creative video production.

Our team have produced 1000’s of hours of brilliant TV commercials, so we know how to advise, script, storyboard and produce great looking and impactful videos that convert.

YouTube Advertising

Reach a bigger audience.

If you want to reach more audiences and get brand awareness for a much lower cost than TV then YouTube is for you. Complete the form below so we can see if your business or brand is ready for YouTube ads.