Trend watch – the rise of ‘at home’ videos on YouTube

Lockdown has been a strange time for all of us. It’s made us change our habits and routines to fit the ‘new normal’. With people worldwide forced to stay indoors, research has shown that there have been significant changes in video production and content consumed as a result. With a 500% increase in views on YouTube, we thought it would be rude not to share some of the trends that people have been watching in lockdown. 

The globe gets moving

No surprises here then. As gyms closed and people found themselves at home, one of the ways to pass the time whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been video production of home workouts. From bodyweight exercises to yoga, three-quarters of Brits have taken up at least one form of exercise. YouTube has felt the weight of this with views on ‘working out’ videos increasing 200% from mid-March. Everyone has heard of Joe Wicks, who has been helping the nation get fit during lockdown with his PE classes on YouTube and his 13 week stint of daily classes attracted over 70 million views worldwide. His last class goes live on Wednesday 22nd July at 9am and the whole team has their lycra at the ready.

Everyone’s getting their bake on 

Also, no surprises. Everyone’s social feeds have been full of people baking sourdough bread, banana bread, cinnamon rolls and brownies. And this is definitely reflected on YouTube. There has been a 100% increase in ‘cook with me’ tutorials during this period. Not only is this a benefit to the video creators on YouTube, as their video content is generating more views, but people will be coming out of lockdown having learnt a new skill. Even Wagamama’s started their own series called ‘wok from home’.

Getting the creative juices flowing

If it’s not fitness or baking, then we’ve all taken up a new hobby or re-lit the spark we used to have for one to fill the time. This has provided the opportunity for creators to publish tutorials and ‘how-to’ videos. You name it, from sewing face masks, to gardening and growing food, YouTube has seen a surge in views on this type of video content. 

It’s apparent that there has been a significant shift in lifestyles during lockdown. Not only has this impacted the type of video content we consume but the genre too. People are exercising more, eating more home-cooked meals and generally being more creative. But will this change in video production and video content consumed be in the ‘new normal’ and how can your brand tap into an ‘at-home’ audience?


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