Social media has provided a great way for brands to raise awareness and build a deeper relationship with their audience. Although the titans in the game have remained for some years, notably Facebook and YouTube, new social media platforms have popped up. Although numerous of these rising platforms have failed to hold the attention of consumers, TikTok has had an unprecedented rate of growth. With the presentation of video content being a fresh break-away from the usual social media platforms, marketers have been bemused with how to build brand awareness on the app. But we’re here to identify how TikTok could help you brand build awareness.

TikTok, like many other social media platforms, embraces the use of hashtags in order to filter content. Brands have taken advantage of this on other platforms in a similar way that TikTok has tried to capture their audience. Due to the collaborative nature of TikTok’s platform, brands are perfectly positioned to generate buzz around hashtags and get their audience to engage with content. Either by creating their own hashtag or latching on to popular trending hashtags, brands are able to raise their public profile. This is essential in an era where staying relevant is everything and communication with your target audience is of primary concern to many brands. 

Influencer marketing on TikTok has also provided a useful outlet for brands to grow their awareness; whether this is through giving influencers behind the scenes content for their viewers or product placement, approaches can vary widely. Moreover, as more people use platforms like TikTok to gain more consumer information around products, the relevance of brands as a result also becomes more engaging to viewers. With people trusting brands that have a presence online and as a result a greater consideration for their products, influencer marketing is a big part of raising brand awareness on TikTok. 

Paid ads are nothing new to many digital marketers and with TikTok this is no difference. Although these can sometimes be costly, the impact they can create for lifting brand awareness is tremendous. Combined with using the other approaches mentioned above, this can help to hit the ground running when launching a campaign. TikTok has been heralded as having organic reach that is akin to that of when Facebook was at the front of the field for digital marketers. 

What ways are you utilising new social media platforms to build awareness around your brand? Is TikTok on your radar and if so how do you feel it can help add to your brand? 


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