A community of influencers.

From fashion to food, and from tech to travel, we manage a community of influencers and content creators to help widen your reach.
Reach audiences far & wide through peer recommendation

With the average person spending more than 3 hours on social media a day, peer recommendations from influencers help to scale up conversions to support your YouTube campaigns.

Trusted influencer network

We only work with reputable brands that we trust so that we can protect our network of influencers and content creators. With an uprising of fake products and scams online, we always look to ensure our clients and our network are safeguarded against this. 

Drive conversions for your brand.

Contact us about using the s.media influencer network to drive conversions for your brand or business.

    The right fit.

    At s.media we work with businesses and brands to join the dots and align you with the right influencer in the right channel.

    We engage and manage influencers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to increase brand awareness and generate online conversions across a myriad of sectors including fashion & beauty, food & drink, travel & lifestyle and more.

    Expand your audience.

    Through the power of peer recommendations, you can increase your reach with a fan base already engaged and trusted with carefully planned content and messaging that aligns to your brand and products.

    Trackable results focused.

    We guarantee results every time. With real-time data, we manage campaigns to maximise reach and drive down the cost per click whilst uniting the right influencer with the right brand.
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