Many brands have used social media as a part of their online marketing strategy in order to reach customers. Finding the right social media platform for your brand is so important and providing a good experience for your consumer is imperative. TikTok has been a rising platform since its inception back in 2016. For advertisers, it has allowed for an immersive experience for viewers due to the swiping nature of content which is visually rich and engaging. So there are a few factors that may influence a brand’s decision to choose TikTok which will be covered in this blog. 

TikTok has been a major hub for online trends. As it is the ‘trending’ social media platform right now, it has a lot of potential trends for brands to get involved with or for them to start. With a lot of brands using memes as a device for engaging with their business, appealing to these younger audiences can be easily done on TikTok. Furthermore, with the collaborative nature of hashtag trends on TikTok, it allows for brands to more deeply connect with members of the audience. 

For running ads TikTok also provides one of the most engaging and driven ads. For brand lift campaigns, TikTok has seen massive success and has been quoted as having the same organic reach as Facebook advertising did back in its heyday. Furthermore, setting ads up on the platform is very similar to that of the process of publishing a YouTube ad and allows for similar parameters when it comes to targeting. Additionally, for tracking conversions and managing a campaign TikTok allows a high level of control for advertisers which means it is a highly ad friendly platform. 

A strong trend in advertising right now is influencer marketing. With online users finding influencers to be more trustworthy and have more affiliation with their ideals, they are the perfect target for advertisers. With many personalities either starting a TikTok following or finding an audience on TikTok, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to collaborate with influencers across a wide amount of verticals. This therefore makes TikTok great for brands looking to employ influencers as part of their online marketing strategy.

How have you seen TikTok work for brands and in what ways could your brand create a TikTok to help drive business goals?


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