3 free training courses/social media tools every digital marketer should be using

Industry experience is an unparalleled tool and has always provided the ultimate currency for expertise. However, as technology becomes more intelligent and deeper connected, it is important to utilise cutting edge tools that help make our lives easier as digital marketers. Furthermore, with information becoming widely available and more accessible, learning without having to pay a heavy price is now a reality. So, if you’re looking to cut some corners or learn something new, here are some recommendations for digital marketers to get you ahead of the game. 

Social Blade https://socialblade.com/ 

Social Blade is a social media tool that we have used countless times. It connects to major social networks including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram, and has a deep breakdown of viewing and subscriber activity. Whether you are trying to work out which channels are growing or looking to check engagement levels. Even estimated earnings from views are encapsulated in the figures given so it is definitely worth checking out what the ad potential from different channels is valued at. This can give an informed view of your own channel as well as those you are researching, whether it be your competition or a potential influencer for a brand campaign.

Udemy/Eventbrite –  https://www.udemy.com/course/youtube-marketing-made-easy/ 

Finding courses online for free can be challenging as there is so much out there and it can be intimidating knowing what to trust. YouTube can be a good outlet to find training courses however again these are often curated by content creators within a specific niche and may not be relevant to what you are trying to find. Platforms like Udemy and Eventbrite provide great free courses to enroll on from experts within the field. These events and courses also have ratings from previous ‘students’ so you can see if you are enrolling in the right course before getting fully stuck in. Furthermore, these courses are often broken into segments and so information is easily digestible. It is also important to note that there are a lot of networking events hosted on Eventbrite for digital marketers which in the age of limited social contact, may prove vital.

Socialoomph https://www.socialoomph.com/ 

The final social media tool we will take you through is Socialoomph. Social media planning and strategy has never been more important than right now. Making sure you have an effective social media strategy across platforms while maintaining a consistent profile has become of great value to brands. Although there are many apps out there that help with scheduling posts so you are not frantically trying to post across all social media, Socialoomph offers a free plan which is rare among many of these platforms. Try out your strategy for free on an account which allows unlimited scheduling as long as you keep to 3 posts an hour or under. 

What are you waiting for? Go out and try these tools to better yourself as a digital marketer! 


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