Although YouTube has a home-made aesthetic to its video content, that’s no reason to be filming a YouTube ad with a potato. More importantly, it’s no reason to just put a camera on a book stack and start filming straight away. Making sure your presentation is up to a high standard is super important when trying to engage viewers. However, having a high standard for your content by no means requires you to have a gigantic budget to help support it. If you’re looking for some tips to up your camera game for your YouTube ad then here are some tips to take your videos to the next level. 

Understanding your setting is really important to knowing how to set up your camera. If you have a setting with good lighting and a clear background then you don’t need to splash out on an expensive camera. A simpler setup can definitely help those who are working to a budget and settings like these lend themselves well to connecting with audiences, especially due to the nature of YouTube’s platform. So making sure your setup works for what you are shooting with definitely makes a world of difference.

When thinking of what to shoot it is really important that you keep the basics in mind. If you are selling a product it is imperative that you show it early on in your advert. The purpose of this is to make sure your audience has an instant connection to the video content they are watching and what they should care about. Especially as the first 6 seconds of your advert is where most people will click off, you need to make sure those who are interested know what you are selling. 

Pacing of shots is also a highly important factor to consider when crafting your YouTube advert. It is recommended that when looking to best engage viewers, using close-up and fast-paced shots has the best effect. This is due to the fact that these kinds of shots excite people and gives them motivation to watch on or take action. Especially, as already stated, there is a small window for impression with YouTube ads so making the most of your ad slot matters. 

Tying in all of these tips will help you create a YouTube ad that will be able to get more traffic from viewers that you want clicking on your ad. At the end of the day, make sure you are keeping it simple and clear in order to best target your audience. How are you adapting your videography approach to YouTube’s ad model?  


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