Psychology is an important part of any good marketing strategy. Understanding viewer behaviour and how best to connect or communicate with your target audience is essential to a strategy that delivers. As we grow to understand consumers better, it is clear that their attention spans have changed. It is reported that the average attention span is around 12 seconds and only seems to be declining. As a result, previous strategies where consumers were bombarded with text and information is becoming less prominent as it bores audiences and is easily skipped. Video marketing provides one of the most effective ways of delivering engaging messages, which has proved to resound well with audiences. Some of the reasons why this strategy is so effective are as follows:

It is an effective storytelling device and delivery method. As mentioned above, attention spans have decreased to low levels so hooking your audience from the get-go is something that strategists really need to pay attention to. When it comes to an article, this can be really tricky to nail down due to the medium of exchange as many don’t have time to focus on one article, especially as web pages tend to have a lot of stimulus on them. Whereas with video, a hook is a lot easier to pull off as naturally people like being communicated to by people rather than by text. Furthermore, you can cover a lot more ground in 12 seconds on a video than with a big block of text. 

Video platforms online are some of the most consumed sites online. For instance, YouTube has around 2 billion active monthly users, with half of them logging into the site daily for content. As a result, the opportunity for delivering adverts is staggering and many more marketing strategists are picking up on this. With such wide audiences and options for targeting, YouTube can provide you with your ideal audience and help you drive more quality leads to your brand. 

How search and SEO is developing also is a strong reason to take up a video marketing campaign. As Google is beginning to favour video for its search rankings, having engaging visual content online can have such a drastic impact on how consumers find your brand. Especially if you are able to rank your videos in the top results, this can put you in prime position to show why your product or service is best and put you at the front of a customer’s mind. 

What challenges have you seen with video marketing and how do you think you could deploy an effective video marketing strategy?


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