Around this time every year, consumers are bombarded with Christmas ads advertising for Christmas deals with every brand taking their own unique approaches. Some have cultivated a story over years, the classic example being a brand like Coca-Cola who even influenced Santa Claus to become dressed in red. Others have taken different positions, such as using their adverts to promote reflection in their viewers and better connect emotionally with their target audience. John Lewis, have been common culprits of this by creating adverts which have driven many to tears, or at least that’s what their comment sections suggest.

So without further ado, here are’s top 5 Christmas Ads of 2020.

1st Ad – (O2)

O2 this year came out with a very cute Christmas advert with a young girl ice-skating with her adorable robot companion. Using child friendly themes has always been at the forefront of mainstream advertising and using characters like this build a brand ambassador people can relate to. Moreover, in the modern age where more children are on tablets and using smart technology from a younger age these groups are being increasingly targeted. Using data packages that include offers like Disney+ also advertise to children as well as adults who may be drawn in by the advert in the first place.

2nd Ad (Lidl)

The first of the big Supermarkets on this list. Using controversial or teasing marketing strategies has proven to go wrong in the past with Christmas Ads but in the current season Lidl has used their advertisement to poke some fun at rival Aldi. Kevin the Carrot is a character made popular in Aldi’s previous Christmas adverts and in this year’s Lidl advert a scared looking carrot is being eaten. Although this tongue in cheek approach may tickle some feathers at Aldi it has been lightly received and all done in the spirit of being jovial.

3rd Ad John Lewis & Waitrose

As mentioned before, the Waitrose and John Lewis partnership has been famed for its tear-jerking Christmas adverts. This year was no different, focussing around how good deeds can spread. Keeping in mind the current pandemic, the pertinence of this is resounding with many people facing difficulties. The advert’s message is to take away that this season is for giving and we need to be more conscious of how we are helping those around us.

4th Ad (Sainsburys)

Sainsbury’s this year came out with a series of adverts that are filmed in a more raw uncut way to make it feel more personable. Through using home video and phone call conversations they created the atmosphere when many reminisce or travel home for Christmas. However, this proved controversial to groups who were concerned with the focus of one of the adverts being on a Black family. Although this racist outcry was resounding, many were quick to defend Sainsbury’s and shoot down those who were spreading their hateful messages.

5th Ad – – Coca-Cola

As mentioned earlier, the undisputed legends of Christmas advertising Coca-Cola have done it again. Their advert this year was directed by Taika Waititi who is an Oscar winning film-maker from New Zealand who was involved in productions such as Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok. The advert touches on how the most important thing about Christmas is everyone being together, with a dedicated father delivering a letter to Santa Claus for his daughter. I won’t spoil the ending, but you might need a packet of tissues handy.

Despite Christmas this year being like no other in recent memory, many are still seeking to spread their Christmas cheer and get in the holiday spirit. When did you start to feel your Christmas spirit coming through? Is it when the adverts start rolling out or maybe when the Christmas music comes onto the radio?


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