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52% of global internet users aged 16 to 64 watch vlogs. But for the other 48% of you; here is another blog to add to your reading list. Keep checking back for all the latest YouTube trends and insights.
Filming YouTube Content | S.Media Specialist YouTube Advertising Agency

How to film your own YouTube Video

It is estimated that around 300 hours of YouTube content is uploaded every minute, which goes without saying, is a lot of content. When it first launched YouTube championed how…

Youtube Advertising | S.Media | Specialist YouTube media agency

How does advertising work on YouTube?

It’s no secret that YouTube has grown in popularity since its emergence in 2005; this growing prominence has shown that it is much more than a platform for sharing funny…

YouTube Video | How long should your YouTube video be | S.Media

How long should your YouTube video be

Getting your timings right When it comes to social media, marketing managers are under pressure to create different assets for different platforms. And when video content is one of the…

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The power of video in marketing

How engaging really is video content?  As humans, we all have our individual preferences on the ways we like to consume content. Some prefer the written form and getting cosy…