Why s.media?

We are a diverse bunch of forward-thinking people who bring together a myriad of disciplines that create highly targeted YouTube advertising campaigns that convert.
We live and breathe YouTube

Insightful, in-depth and inspired video advertising

There are videos, and then there are s.media videos. And here at s.media, we learn from intelligent insights, then we delve into the depths of what your customers do online and we bring that together to create inspiring video content that your customers connect with.

Having worked across a range of marketing disciplines and sectors, we bring together a range of skills which make us a specialist YouTube advertising agency.
From strategy and insights, to data and targeting; and from production to creative, we’ve got your brand covered with highly targeted videos that make your brand stand out.

Google and YouTube experts

As a Google partner we understand the mastery of successfully targeting and converting online whilst maximising budgets. Our unique IDAR™ platform (stands for Intelligent Driven Ad Results by the way) enables us to run online campaigns so that we can get your YouTube video on page one of Google in just a few short weeks.

Brand and creative strategists

Our team have worked with some of the world’s leading brands to create engaging marketing that customers connect with. From idea, to strategic direction, to the full video production this in-house expertise ensures that all of our YouTube ad campaigns convert audiences online.

Conversion specialists

We have a knack for spotting new trends and are always on the pulse with how online behavioural patterns change. Using intelligence from our unique IDAR™ platform we can understand what your customers do online and target your YouTube video at the exact right moment in highly targeted campaigns that maximise budgets and minimise wasted clicks.
Hours of video uploaded every hour
Of views are on mobile devices
Videos are shared more than text and links combined.
Of 18-49 years olds watch YouTube
Who We Are?

The team that gets your brand seen

Simon Young
Founder and Managing Director

Escaped normal life and now lives inside the internet, inside his mind are some of the most important things you will ever need to know. Would grow a beard but doesn’t want to look scruffy, doesn’t do Yoga or poncy dance stuff as he’s a real man, realised a while ago he’s stuck with himself so making the best of it. Puts cheese on everything worth eating. Spirit animal @Danbizerian and part time caddy for @_paige.renee , used to be worth a few quid, on the rise!

Andy Price
Founder and Brand Director

Spent way too long at this game in the old school ways and now is the advocate of the new way. Loves Yoga (as he’s a real man unlike Simon) and used to enjoy dancing. When he’s not working to make your brand zing on YouTube and the rest you’ll find him out having a good yomp in the hills, hugging trees and enjoying food (and the odd wine).

Sinead Buckley
Client Services Director

When not streaming yoga and finding new clean eating recipes to try, Sinead looks after our lovely clients from onboarding and beyond. Fuelled by coffee, and a lover of discovering the new in life. Her bucket list is to visit every state in the USA, but we can’t say we like it when she drops into a bad American accent. Sinead’s a big thinker and she always manages to have an idea in her back pocket to make your brand stand out from the rest. 

Sarah Jarvis
Production Director

She’s over 30 years experience in the production of tv, cinema, radio and online film content. Sarah was one of the founding partners of The Gate Films, one of the North’s most successful Production Companies. Can’t drink the wine like she used to but still gives it a good go.

Katie Livock
Account Director
Katie takes care and oversees the running of the accounts with an upbeat, positive attitude. You’ll typically find her with a warm smile making sure the client’s needs, deadlines and objectives are being met. She loves travelling and being by the beach, but if by chance you can’t find her, she’ll probably be working out or baking gooey cookies.
Georgia Hayward
Tech Director

In a robot uprising, Georgia would sell the humans out in a heartbeat. She handles all things web related for s.media, so if you have any web issues or need any help with tracking set up it’s likely she’ll be deployed to help! Some of her more human traits are that she loves crochet, true crime and spending time with her puppy.

Florence Price
Creative Director

Florence is a down to earth, optimistic lunatic. Always happy to take onboard new challenges and explore her creativity with client projects. Outside of work she has an abundance of hobbies – from thrifting and reselling vintage clothing, to baking, to drawing digital illustrations. She is constantly on the move and likes to keep busy, someone you would ideally like on your team to keep things interesting and fast paced.

Chris Jonasson
Account Manager

After missing the North from the days of going to University in Sheffield, Chris is here to make sure client expectations are being constantly surpassed and he loves a challenge when it comes to finding ways to help s.media develop. Lover of a single malt and rewatching The Office (the US one, he can’t handle all the UK cringe) for the umpteenth time.

Collaborate with us

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