Month: January 2021

cost effective YouTube Ad

How to make a cost effective YouTube Ad Campaign

One of the first steps to a successful marketing campaign is combining your efforts across multiple channels for one cohesive campaign. YouTube advertising is a serious contender in the digital…

youtube shorts | S.Media YouTube Advertising Partners

What are YouTube shorts?

Many platforms have noticed that the attention span of users has been steadily dropping over the years. Due to many competing stimuli on the screen, social media giants have dug…

do youtube ads work -

Do YouTube Ads Actually Work?

No matter how good your video ad content is, without the right YouTube advertising strategy, it can be hard to get good results from your video campaigns.

Sports Ad On YouTube | S.Media Ads Agency

What makes a great YouTube sports ad?

YouTube ads can be a tricky, difficult thing to nail if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Whether you are pitching a new product to your range or a service…